Live Demonstration

This online rule-based demonstration concerns the eligibility conditions for three classes of share distribution resulting from the conversion of a mutual savings and loan institution to a bank. An adaptive form-filling dialogue, generated from a class hierarchy, is used to determine which of these conditions is satisfied. Omission is tolerated: if conclusions can be drawn from whatever information is supplied, they will be.

It is first necessary to establish whether the prospective recipient is a borrower, investor, or both. In the latter cases it must then be determined whether the credit balance is held in one or more qualifying share accounts. Finally, one of the entitlement conditions depends on further conditions concerning the amounts held in these accounts on specific dates.

When sufficient information is obtained, a table of conclusions, indicating which information is relevant to which conclusion, is presented. Use of the <-> connective (‘if and only if’) in the rules enables a negative conclusion to be inferred.

The executable that implements the demonstration was built using ECL.